Scientific committee
Dear friends and colleagues,
We are very pleased to invite you to the upcoming 5th European Meeting of Young Ophthalmologists which will take place from 13th to 14th July 2024 in the amazing cities of Padua and Venice.
    Committee member
    1. Prof. Giuseppe Giannaccare (President) (ITALY) - SOE YO National Rep. & former Directive Committee Member
    2. Prof. Aldo Vagge (Vice-President) (ITALY) - SOE YO National Rep.
    3. Prof. Rodolfo Mastropasqua (ITALY)
    4. Prof. Vito Romano (ITALY)
    5. Prof. Mario Damiano Toro (ITALY)
    6. Prof. Enrico Borrelli (ITALY)
    7. Dr. Claudio Iovino (ITALY)
    8. Dr. Riccardo Vinciguerra (ITALY)
    9. Prof. Marco Lupidi (ITALY)
    10. Prof. João Barbosa Breda (PORTUGAL)
    11. Dr. Jelena Potic (SERBIA) - SOE YO Chair
    12. Dr. Rosa Dolz-Marco (SPAIN)
    13. Dr. Vincent Quin (BELGIUM) - EMYO 2022 President
    14. Dr. Magdalen Kucharczyk-Posech (POLAND) - EMYO 2018 President
    15. Dr. Luis Fernandez-Vega (SPAIN) - EMYO 2016 President
    16. Dr. Ana Miguel Quintas (PORTUGAL) - EMYO 2014 President
    Speakers and Moderators
    1. Dr. Soledad Aguilar-Munoa (UK)
    2. Dr. Emanuela Aragona (ITALY)
    3. Dr. Anas-Alexis Benyoussef (FRANCE)
    4. Dr. Federico Bernabei (FRANCE)
    5. Dr. Erika Bonacci (ITALY)
    6. Dr. Alfredo Borgia (UK)
    7. Dr. Basak Bostanci (TURKEY)
    8. Dr. Gabriel Boustani (BELGIUM)
    9. Dr. Giorgio Enrico Bravetti (SWITZERLAND)
    10. Dr. Linda Busin (ITALY)
    11. Dr. Matilde Buzzi (UK)
    12. Dr. Georgiana Camburu (ROMANIA)
    13. Dr. Maria Vittoria Cicinelli (ITALY)
    14. Dr. Giulia Coco (ITALY)
    15. Dr. Lana Datuashvili (GEORGIA)
    16. Dr. Vasilios Diakonis (GREECE)
    17. Dr. George Dimtsas (GREECE)
    18. Dr. Priya Doerga (NETHERLAND)
    19. Dr. Leila Sarah Eppenberger (SWITZERLAND)
    20. Dr. Irene Gattazzo (ITALY)
    21. Dr. Damien Guindolet (FRANCE)
    22. Dr. Ranko Gvozdenovic (SERBIA)
    23. Dr. Anthony Khawaja (UK)
    24. Prof. Sophie Lemmens (GERMANY)
    25. Dr. Leonie Menghesha (UK)
    26. Dr. Artemis Matsou (UK)
    27. Prof. Edoardo Midena (ITALY)
    28. Dr. Giulia Midena (ITALY)
    29. Dr. Danson Vasanthan Muttuvelu (DENMARK)
    30. Dr. Marco Nassisi (ITALY)
    31. Dr. Dominika Nowakowska (POLAND)
    32. Dr. Luca Pagano (ITALY)
    33. Dr. Monica Riso (ITALY)
    34. Dr. Sébastien Roumeau (FRANCE)
    35. Dr. Andrea Taloni (ITALY)
    36. Dr. Naoual Tarfaoui (FRANCE)
    37. Dr. Willem Tideman (NETHERLAND)
    38. Dr. Jan Van Eijgen (BELGIUM)
    39. Dr. Constance Weber (GERMANY)
    40. Dr. Adam Wylegala (POLAND)
    41. Dr. Angeli Christy Yu (ITALY)